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Bichectomy - Cheek Thinning Aesthetics

Bichectomy - Cheek Thinning Aesthetics

Bichectomy - Cheek Thinning Aesthetics

What is Cheek Thinning Aesthetics (Bichectomy)?

Cheek thinning aesthetics, also called bichectomy, is a surgical procedure to reshape our cheeks. The beauty of the face should be evaluated as a whole and we want all organs and structures on our face to be in harmony with each other. The perception that the person is fat may occur as a result of the face gradually becoming rounder due to aging and the retention of fat in that area. Even if the person is weak, he cannot remove the roundness of his face. Weight loss diets may not work. Therefore, it is not preferable to have a round face. Surgery is a permanent procedure and it is very rare for it to return to its original state. Since the surgery is done through the mouth, there is no such thing as scarring. Nowadays, it has become more and more popular to have a more triangular face and flatter cheeks. In recent years, it has started to be preferred by men too. It is also known as the "Hollywood Cheek" because it was first made by celebrities in Hollywood. A significant percentage of rejuvenation is provided.

How is Cheek Thinning Aesthetics Performed?

This operation is performed by making a small incision under the cheeks by intervening inside the mouth. As a result of this incision, a certain part of the accumulated fat and muscles in the area is removed. This surgery, which does not require stitches, is mostly performed under local anesthesia. Generally, a self-extinguishing or dissolving suture system is used. This operation takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes. You will not feel pain and suffering during and after the surgery.

What Should Be Done Before Surgery?

Smoking and alcohol should not be consumed for at least 1 week before the surgery, and this should also include the postoperative period. In this way, recovery is faster. Aspirin and drugs with blood thinning properties should not be taken before surgery.

If you are wondering if you are a suitable candidate, you should share your medical history with your doctor before the operation. With his interest and experience in facial aesthetics, Op. Dr. Erdi Özdemir will give you more detailed information. It will determine if you are a suitable candidate.

What is the Healing Process like?

Since the operation takes a very short time and is performed with local anesthesia, you can go home on the same day. Severe pain and pain is not felt after the surgery. However, as with any post-surgery, mild discomfort may occur. As with any surgical intervention, minor edema and bruising may occur after surgery. After a week, the edema goes away and the results are seen gradually. Considering the course of the surgery, the patient's recovery status, and other factors, it may take 3 or 4 weeks to see full results. After 1 week, you can return to normal daily life and activities. Light exercises can be done, except for heavy sports. During this period, you should follow the postoperative recovery protocols recommended by your doctor. Particular attention should be paid to personal hygiene. You should be careful not to put your hands in your mouth without washing them until healing occurs.

Is Cheek Thinning Surgery (Bichectomy) Risky?

Bichectomy surgery is normally an extremely risk-free operation. However, in some cases of infection it carries risks such as significant swelling and bruising, loss of sensation in the region, bleeding in the mouth, cheek drop and disproportion, albeit very little. If such complications develop, you should contact your surgeon immediately.




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