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Moisture Vaccine

Moisture Vaccine

Moisture Vaccine

What is Moisture Vaccine?

Depending on genetic factors, environmental conditions and years, aging and deep wrinkles occur on our skin. The reason for this is the decrease in hyaluronic acid in our skin. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that provides water retention in our skin and gives the necessary structural support to the skin. The decrease in hyaluronic acid level causes the skin to look older and wrinkled. At this point, the Moisture Vaccine comes into play, which gives the skin its former youthfulness, moisturizes and destroys wrinkles. The process of injecting the hyaluronic acid-based liquid material into the desired area of ​​the skin with very fine-tipped injectors is called Moisture Vaccine. In this way, the skin can regain its former position and brightness. A visible rejuvenation of the skin is achieved.

Where is Moisture Vaccine Applied?

Although it is applied to several parts of the body, it is mostly applied to the face and hands. It can be applied to both the hands to remove the dryness of the hands in winter and the face to rejuvenate.

Who is Moisture Vaccine applied to?

First of all, your doctor will tell you whether you are a suitable candidate before the procedure is performed. This procedure is not recommended if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or in poor general health. You should take the issue of health seriously and share your health status and health history with your doctor. Other than that, it can be easily applied by anyone. With over years of experience performing hundreds of youth vaccination procedures, Op. Dr. Erdi Özdemir will give you more detailed information during the appointment. He or she will decide if you are a suitable candidate.

How is Moisture Vaccine Applied?

If you are a suitable candidate, your doctor will first decide how to perform the procedure to achieve the desired rejuvenation and improvement. The hyaluronic-based liquid is injected into the desired area by means of a very fine-tipped injector. Before the application, a special cream is applied to numb the area. In general, it is injected with 60 to 100 needle strokes by making micro touches to the area.

How Long Does Moisture Vaccination Take?

This process takes up to 30 minutes. You can then return to your normal daily life.

Is Moisture Vaccine Painful?

You may feel slight pain after this procedure. You should follow the healing process protocols recommended by your doctor. Swelling and bruising may occur in the area for the first few days. These are quite natural.

How Long Does the Effect of Moisture Vaccine Last?

Youth vaccine is applied as sessions, not a one-time application. Generally, the first 3 sessions are applied at 2-week intervals. This depends on your doctor's preference and evaluation of the situation. Then, depending on the success of the procedure and the body's response, it is applied every 6 months. The effects and benefits on the skin are;

• It keeps the skin moist.

• It reduces the signs of aging in the skin.

• It helps the skin to shine.

• It provides tightening of the skin.

• It helps the skin to regenerate faster.

What are the Risks and Side Effects of Moisture Vaccine?

Moisture vaccine applications approved by the World Health Organization do not have any side effects. But if you experience any complications you immediately should contact your doctor who performed the procedure.

What is the Difference Between Moisture Vaccine and Youth Vaccine?

Although there is no difference in practice, the amount of hyaluronic acid applied in youth vaccine will be different to achieve the desired improvement in the skin. For this reason, there are many brands in the market and the amount of acid in it is in different amounts. Another can be treated by combining the youth vaccine with other laser applications.




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