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Closed Rhinoplasty

Closed Rhinoplasty

Closed Rhinoplasty: Closed Nose Surgery

What is Closed Rhinoplasty: Closed Nose Surgery ?

Closed rhinoplasty is performing all surgical interventions (incision) to the nose along the inside of the nose. No external intervention is made to the nose, in other words, no incisions are made on the nose. Although closed rhinoplasty has similar principles and aspects with open rhinoplasty, there are many benefits of closed rhinoplasty when looking at the results.

What are the Advantages of Closed Rhinoplasty?

An obvious advantage of the closed rhinoplasty technique, also called endonasal rhinoplasty, is that there is no visible scar after surgery. The closed rhinoplasty technique also causes less swelling because the skin's natural drainage canals are not touched during the surgery. It usually has a shorter recovery time than an open rhinoplasty procedure. It is less invasive and is done without touching too many areas and tissues. In addition, we can see the results of the surgery in a very short time. The patient feels much less pain. Because of these advantages, many patients want to have a closed rhinoplasty. In many cases, a closed rhinoplasty can provide patients with the degree of change they desire.

Considering the special needs and wishes of the patients, closed nose surgery has become more common in recent years. Using smaller and more sensitive surgical instruments, less manipulation of the nose structure and the ability to take a three-dimensional image of the nose in parallel with the developing technology have made closed rhinoplasty more popular.

What are the Disadvantages of Closed Rhinoplasty?

Disadvantages of closed rhinoplasty are the lack of vision and less space for the surgeon to intervene due to the limited patency. However, this is a situation that affects the surgeon more than the patient.  With the developing technology, the use of micro-cameras during these surgeries leads all surgeons to closed nose surgeries.

How Long Does the Closed Nose Aesthetics Recovery Process Take?

The recovery period for closed procedures is typically one to two weeks, depending largely on the type of rhinoplasty in terms of recovery. For closed procedures, most patients show rapid improvement within five to six days. After five to six days, you can remove the splint from your nose and return to your daily life and activities. However, your doctor will tell you what activities you should not do depending on the healing process. He or she may advise you to abstain, especially from very heavy sports branches, depending on the course of recovery.

A splint is worn for a week after surgery, there is usually little or no bruising after the splint is removed. In some cases, you can go out to the movies the same evening as if there were no signs of surgery.

In Which Situations Is Closed Rhinoplasty Performed?

There are many reasons why patients have rhinoplasty. The reason for this is that the nose is located in the middle of the face and is the first area that catches the eye, which is the reason for the preference for cosmetic surgeries. In addition, surgeries are preferred for the following reasons.

• Dorsal hump: height at the bridge of the nose

• Nose width: A nose that is too wide or too narrow

• Asymmetry: A sideways bent or deviated nose

• Prominent nose tip: A nose tip that is round, low, or out of proportion to the rest of the face

• Sagging of the tip of the nose: If the angle between the upper lip and the lower nose is less than 90 degrees

• Post-traumatic deformities: Shape deviations after nasal injury

• Nasal airway problems: Inner valve collapse and septal deviation

Is Age Important for Nose Surgery?

Key factors that help identify the ideal candidate include nasal maturity (if the nose is mature enough – usually older than 16 for women and 17 for men), as well as realistic maturity (understanding the risks of surgery, reason and prospects for surgery, procedure limitations). In some cases, as a result of patients directing doctors to wrong ethical decisions (operation of individuals who have not developed enough nasal maturity) and going beyond the legal procedure, except for vital injuries and traumas, procedures are carried out that can lead to irrecoverable results in the following years. In this regard, the duty of doctors is to provide you with the best service without going beyond professional ethical values ​​and without jeopardizing your general health.

Preparation Before Closed Nose Surgery

It is useful to know if you have any allergies in this regard. You can get information from your doctor who will perform the operation about the medication that you should not use before the operation. In particular, you should not consume substances such as caffeine-based drinks, energy drinks, alcohol during the pre-operative period recommended by your doctor.

With over years of experience performing hundreds of rhinoplasty surgeries, Op. Dr. Erdi Özdemir will give you all the necessary information during the interview and will perform your surgery. If you would like to make an appointment right away, you can contact us at our contact numbers.



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