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Lip Lifting

Lip Lifting

Lip Lifting

What is Lip Lifting?

Unlike lip fillings and lip implants, the process of lifting the upper lip with an incision made to the bottom of the nose, which is performed surgically, is called lip lift aesthetics. While lip fillers make the lips look like bee swelling, lip lift is done to make the red area of ​​the lip more visible. This process is a permanent process. It does not disappear with time. In other words, it is the process of shortening the hollow (filtrum) between the upper lip line and the nose.

Women prefer it to gain a more aesthetic smile and to eliminate the disproportion between the lips and the nose. This is the reason why women overflow the upper lip line a little when using lipsticks. This surgery is also becoming more and more common among men. Men, on the other hand, try to compensate for this disproportion by growing a mustache.

After this process, the new appearance of the lip becomes extremely natural. A very stylish and cosmetic beauty is obtained as there will be no traces left.

How is Lip Lifting Performed?

Lip lifting is performed under local or general anesthesia. It is not usually performed under general anesthesia as the pain is minimal. During this procedure, the surgeon makes a surgical incision just under your nose. A small strip of tissue is then removed and placed the upper lip in its new position. After the upper lip is reshaped, the incision is closed by suturing. With this lip lift, your scar is virtually undetectable. In another technique, it is done with an incision made on the upper line of your upper lip. After the operation in this area, the wound is closed. However, this procedure may leave a significant scar. Therefore, it is not a preferred method.

This process may take 1 or 2 hours in an environment where surgery will be performed. Swelling and bruising may occur in the first few days after surgery. Stitches are removed within 1 week.

How Should Preoperative Preparation Be?

• Smoking, alcohol and drugs should not be used before the operation.

• The intake of blood thinners such as aspirin should be discontinued 1 week before.

• You must not have a medical condition that will affect any surgery.

Apart from these issues, surgery can be performed after the general evaluation of your doctor.

What are the Risks of Lip Lifting?

Complications in lip lift aesthetics are very rare. However, in cases of infection, problems such as excessive swelling and bruising, bleeding, separation of sutures, significant scarring, loss of sensation may occur. When such a complication develops, you should consult your surgeon who performed the operation.

What Is The Lip Lifting Recovery Process?

Bruising and swelling occur in the first few days. Stitches are removed after 1 week. After 2 weeks, a significant improvement occurs. After this period, you can return to normal daily life and activities. In the first month, you should avoid extreme sports and activities. You should get information from your doctor about post-operative recovery protocols and follow them. You should use the drugs that your doctor will prescribe for you under the control of your doctor.

Which technique to use will be recommended by your surgeon based on your lip anatomy, cosmetic goals, and your surgeon's experience. With his interest and experience in facial aesthetics, Op. Dr. Erdi Özdemir will make the most appropriate decision for you during the appointment.


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